Valemount Pines Golf Course and RV Park
A Family Friendly Facility
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                                          Valemount Pines Golf Course and R.V. Park

                                                  WE ARE A FAMILY FRIENDLY FACILITY
Valemount is located right in the middle of 3 mountain ranges. Bordering our town on the east is the
Rocky Mountains, on the south the Monashee Range and to the west the Cariboo Mountains. Our course is wonderful to golf at. The view is spectacular in every direction.
Located 40 km to the  northeast of the course is Mount Robson Provincial Park with the 3,054 m (10,020 ft) high Mount Robson, the highest peak of the Rocky Mountains.  Another 80 km and you are at the World Heritage Jasper National Park.
Since 1995, when eager volunteers formed a society and helped build the course, Valemount Pines Golf Course has received rave reviews from visiting golfers. This Gordon McKay designed course is built in a forested area. The course is easy to play for beginners, but it is also a challenge for those with low handicaps. Hole #5 is one of the most challenging holes. It's a dog-legged par 5 with heavily forested areas on both sides of the fairway, fairway sand traps and a pond behind the stepped green.